Social Sales Quickstart Offer

Get your organization ready to benefit from social business by taking advantage of the following offer:

  • Complimentary on-site introductory session exploring how social
    business can help achieve sales goals.

Completion of this session will enable you and SoclWorx to understand the organization’s readiness for a social business initiative and prepare for a two day on-site, $10k, QuickStart that will cover topics including:

  • Education on what is possible.
  • Identify business goals and objectives where social engagement can provide a return on investment.
  • Describe proper social governance & network security policy and implementation.
  • Describe components of a comprehensive web presence.
  • Identify information technology considerations.
  • Explore potential business process improvements.
  • Identify social business training requirements.

Contact SoclWorx to schedule a QuickStart for your organization.

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