Areas of Service

The Knowledge & Experience Your Organization Needs

Listening & Monitoring Effective social marketing requires collecting and monitoring the social networks important to an organization. The automation of this data collection is becoming common but there are continual, and at times dramatic, competitive software product enhancements. SoclWorx pays close attention to the social technology market and continually evaluates emerging products, applying our knowledge to the selection and implementation of software tools.
Customer Engagement Traditional sales and marketing approaches are changing dramatically. SoclWorx services do not intend to replace current marketing programs but instead create new approaches and help the organization discover new online target communities.  Our customer engagement services link external social networks with internal sales and marketing processes to create a more comprehensive engagement model.
Process Enablement These services help the organization inject social networking thought and technology into the current business process, enhancing the creation of a social ecosystem. Areas of focus include: 

  • Define social networking goals, objectives and return on investment criteria.
  • Create an overall social business innovation approach and architecture blending business objectives with appropriate technical solutions.
  • Ensure organizational readiness to fully harness the social ecosystem.
Governance & Security Strong corporate governance and security helps organizations establish the accountability necessary to align behavior with corporate goals. SoclWorx understands the implications social networking has on an organization and the governance required to adopted it responsibly. SoclWorx implements software tools and processes necessary to ensure control and manageability according to corporate governance, information security policy and government regulation.  What employees can participate in the social exchange? What are they allowed to do? What government regulations need to be met? How will it all be monitored efficiently? Our services help organizations establish governance frameworks and security models that satisfy the requirements of the business.
Technology & Integration SoclWorx has deep experience in the information technology arena as software engineers, business process analysts, and company leaders. We understand what makes a technology important and relevant to how business is conducted. Our Social Technology Lab researches the rapidly changing market that includes hundreds of social networking products and identifies the best to meet the organizations needs. When appropriate, SoclWorx forms business relationships that deliver these solutions to you, our client.  Key to implementing any technology is its integration with other systems, processes and databases. Social is no different and in fact has a higher value when integrated with internal sources such as customer relationship management systems, customer service databases and collaboration tools. SoclWorx has the know-how to effectively integrate these products into an organization’s infrastructure.
Discovery & Analytics Use of social networks introduces both structured and unstructured data into an organization. Structured tools such as opinion surveys provide metrics that can easily be measured. Unstructured data, such as forum blogs, require content analysis to understand true relevance. SoclWorx believes that social data must be treated as any other corporate data asset and therefore must be integrated into an organization’s reporting and analytics strategy. Our services help organizations: 

  • Select and implement monitoring and analytic tools to measure social initiatives effectiveness.
  • Develop the analytics and reporting requirements.
  • Create discovery and analytic rules from which critical business information can be obtained.
  • Design and develop social reports and dashboards consistent with an organization’s overall reporting strategy.